How can Automotive Advantage improve your business?

As well as providing an efficient, cost effective, simple compliance process, Automotive Advantage Compliance & Inspection Centre systems are designed to improve, and grow your business. Our innovative Dealer Rebate program rewards your loyalty, while our AA branded marketing strategies goal is to drive customers to your business.



Vehicle compliance

We offer a range of compliance services to meet your individual requirements, competitively priced, with our guarantee of quality workmanship.  Let us tailor a specific package for you. Contact us to discuss your vehicle compliance requirements.


Full compliance service

Let us take the time and effort out of vehicle compliance leaving you to focus on your business. Our full compliance service includes disassembly of the vehicle for inspection by the onsite AA inspector, reassembly, completion of any repairs required, and return of the vehicle with a new warrant of fitness and MR2A registration document.


Compliance inspection

Some dealers prefer to organise their own vehicle repairs, using their existing repairers.  We are happy to complete a compliance inspection, including disassembly of the vehicle for inspection by the onsite AA inspector, reassembly, and provision of an inspection report detailing any repairs required. Once any required repairs are completed, the AA inspector will recheck the vehicle, issue a new warrant of fitness and MR2A registration document.


Disassembled vehicles 

Should you prefer to provide your vehicles with the interior disassembled for inspection we have a discounted rate available.


AA vehicle appraisals

 An effective sales tool for your business. Supplying an AA appraisal with your vehicles for sale builds trust with your customers, and provides an important point of difference to your competitors. Contact us to find out how to become an AA appraised used vehicle dealer, and start enjoying  the benefits immediately.


Dealer Rebate program

In an exciting innovation we want to share our business success with you. Join our Dealer Rebate program and receive a share of our business profit as an annual rebate. The greater the number of vehicles we comply for you, the greater your share of the rebate, saving you money!

A Dealer Rebate contract is available with full terms and conditions. Enquire now and starting benefiting from this innovative program.


Marketing systems

At Automotive Advantage we truly believe in providing support to improve and grow your business. We have developed extensive marketing campaigns for you to use in your business, at no charge!

Building trust with your customers is essential to maintain, improve and sustain your business.  The NZ Automobile Association (AA) is the trusted name in NZ motoring for more than 100 years. What better brand to align with your motoring business than AA, to build trust with your customers, and improve your sales.

Automotive Advantage provides your vehicles with AA Safety Certified, and AA Appraised, where applicable, branded labels. Our experience has proven this branding, along with AA appraisal reports, are highly effective in building customer trust and increasing sales.  This is a very cost effective tool to improve and sustain your business success.

We understand how powerful this branding is. To support our Dealer customers, we provide a high profile marketing campaign promoting AA Safety Certified, and AA Appraised vehicles to prospective purchasers. Let us help drive these purchasers to your business.



Billboard marketing 

Automotive Advantage regularly displays billboard advertisements promoting the AA Safety Certified, and AA Appraised branding to prospective purchasers.


Radio advertising

Take advantage of our radio advertising promoting AA Safety Certified, and AA Appraised branding, to prospective vehicle purchasers. Designed to create customer awareness when purchasing a vehicle. Make sure you have AA Safety Certified and AA Appraised vehicles when they enquire.




Increase customer awareness on your premises by displaying AA Safety Certified, and AA Appraised vehicle posters, supplied to you at no charge by Automotive Advantage.



Find out how easy it can be to include AA Safety Certified, and AA Appraised branding on your website, along with AA appraisal reports on your cars advertised for sale. Help your business stand out from your competitors on the crowded internet.